2022 Event Calendar

This is a tentative agenda for the 2022 season and is subject to change.
Members will be notified by email if an outdoor clinic is rescheduled due to inclement weather
January 9, 2022 Business meeting. Welcome new beekeepers, introduce board members, collect dues, show different types of hives, bee package orders, Facebook and website update
February 13, 2022 12:00 start time for new or inexperienced beekeepers. Round table discussion with seasoned beekeepers. 1:00 pm regular meeting time presenting work by researcher, Katharina Davitt.
February 20, 2022 Basic beekeeping class with Kathy Gill 9am-3pm. Contact Kathy: 720-810-4815 or
March 13, 2022 Presenter, Eric Smith on how to split a hive and, possibly Kelli Marko on Bee Safe Yards
March 19, 2022 Follow up clinic at the JCBA apiary demonstrating splitting hives-reverse boxes as needed (weather permitting).
April 10, 2022 Swarm presentation by Erik Johnson/create the JCBA swarm list
April 23, 2022 Outdoor clinic follow up clinic at the JCBA apiary hive inspections to look for swarm signs reverse boxes if needed. (weather permitting).
May 8, 2022 Speaker Lisa Mason from CSU extension on Native Bees
May 14, 2022 Outdoor clinic Follow up at the JCBA apiary on reading the frames...and marking queens, (weather permitting).
June 12, 2022 Queen rearing class - Presenter To Be Announced
June 18, 2022 Follow up clinic at the apiary where we will practice grafting queens with KT Thompson
July 10, 2022 Joe Komperda, Master Beekeeper, will speak on Varroa control.
July 16, 2022 Outdoor clinic follow up at the JCBA apiary demonstrating mite Checks using alcohol wash, sugar roll, and Dawn methods.
August 14, 2022 TBA We’re looking for a presenter to talk about honey, (If you know anyone…)
August 20, 2022 Outdoor clinic Follow up at the JCBA apiary, checking honey Supers and pulling honey frames. (weather permitting).
September 11, 2022 Honey Harvest /end of the year celebration at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds
September 17, 2022 Outdoor clinic beekeeping Olympics, fun bee activities…
October 9, 2022 Bryan Zavada will present on products you can make from the hive.
October 15, 2022 Outdoor clinic reverse boxes, at the apiary, “Re-arrange the furniture” in preparation for Winter.
November 13, 2022 Winterizing the hives, candy boards, quilt boards, share fondant recipes, etc. No speaker, club members will all contribute.
November 19, 2022 Outdoor clinic follow up at the JCBA apiary winterize the club hives
December No club meeting, Outdoor clinic only we will do an OAV demonstration on the club hives at the apiary. The date will be announced through email.