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Jefferson County, Colorado

JCBA Event Calendar

Event topics listed are tentative and subject to change. Clinic start times change seasonally and are subject to the weather forecast. Members will be notified by email of the start time of outdoor clinics or if an outdoor clinic is rescheduled due to poor weather.

Month Meetings/Topic Clinics and Events
January 8th - Q&A, show and tell, business meeting, welcome, 14th - Winter Feeding and OAV treatment - weather dependent
February 12th - New keeper questions at 12:00
Swarm control and splits, Queens and rearing
4th - Basic Beekeeping Class
18th - Apiary work TBD
March 12th - New keeper questions at 12:00
Rescuing Swarms with Eric Johnson
18th - Hive and mite checks, assess the forage garden
April 15th - Varroa
Saturday at the Grange Hall!
8th - Hive and garden check
22nd - Lakewood Earth Day Event
May 14th - Planting for forage, seed and plant swap 20th - Planting at the apiary forage garden, mite checks
June 11th - Reading Frames 3&4 - CSBA Summer Meeting (Silt, Co)
17th - Hive inspection Tina Sebestyen, Master Beekeeper Program Director CSBA, Road Show at Apiary (9am-4pm), forage garden maintenance
July 9th - Disease with Dr. Amy Franklin DVM 15th - Mite and disease checks, forage garden manintenance
August 13th - Honey Tasting 19th - Harvest, pulling frames, garden maintenance and asses fall forage, mite checks
September 10th - Honey harvesting at Jeffco Fairgrounds TBD, garden maintenance
October 8th - Winterizing and Winter Feeding 14th - Feeding and "rearranging the furniture", winterizing the garden
November 12th - Cancelled for the CSBA Winter Meeting 11th - CSBA Winter Meeting for the meeting:Nominee Bios
December No meeting TBD - Weather dependant