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Jefferson County, Colorado

Clinic Photo Gallery

The images below are from some of our hands-on clinics that are held at our private teaching apiary. Clinics are members-only events. Here is a sampling of some of the topics we cover at clinics.

Hive Inspections

Starting the hive inspection
Checking for good brood pattern in the spring and checking food supplies in the winter.

Varroa Checks

Checking for the queen before starting varroa checks and shaking bees off of inspected frames.
Results from the alcohol wash on one of the club hives. 2022 was a tough year for the bees.
Checking for Varroa with CO2. This was a new technique for all club members.
CO2 exposure knocks out bees as well as Varroa. The mites fall off of the knocked out bees and are collected and counted simarly to an alcohol wash.
Placing the knocked out bees in front of the hive to wake after CO2 exposure. There is some mortality with this method but not the 100% that comes with alcohol wash.

Other Clinic Topics

Queen Marking
Queen grafting
A double Queen system is designed to maximize honey production.
The club has a Layes hive for demonstration. This is a horizontal style hive system.
Sometimes you just need a little visit with the bees.